An established multi-site charity dedicated to caring for people with life-limiting illnesses and delivering support to their families.


The client proposed to close 4 stores and expand its online operations, whilst minimising the number of compulsory redundancies. AHR Consultants (AHR) offered to help them support their employees and ensure that the redundancy process was fair and compliant.


AHR met with the client to discuss their objectives, exploring methods of avoiding compulsory redundancies, such as reducing employee hours and deploying them to other business areas.

As the client had several vacancies at the time, AHR advised them to consider the employees affected by the closure for these roles.

AHR then assisted the client in creating a communication strategy for their workforce. As they had less than 20 employees, AHR recommended that individual consultations were held.

To ensure that this process was meaningful and effective, each employee received three meetings over three weeks, with all sessions held remotely in line with Covid-19 restrictions.


After the client received comprehensive support from AHR, six employees were deployed into alternative roles within the charity.

Alongside this, two employees decided to take voluntary redundancy and were supported further with use of an employee assistance programme, as recommended by AHR.

This meant that the client avoided any compulsory redundancies in line with its initial objectives. Overall, all deployed employees were happy in their new roles.

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