The business had an issue with one of its employees (complainant) raising a grievance against a line manager. Given the size and structure of the company, AHR Consultants (AHR) offered to investigate and report on the grievance.


AHR met with the complainant to establish and fully understand the facts of the situation and identify evidence and potential witnesses. AHR was subsequently able to review all documentation relevant to the case and speak to the witnesses.


Following the investigation, AHR concluded there was not enough evidence to substantiate or support the complaints.

AHR endeavoured to repair the relationship by offering mediation between the complainant and line manager, but the complainant was unwilling to participate as they wanted the line manager removed from the business.

Removing the line manager from the business without any evidence could have led to an unfair dismissal claim potentially costing the business £0000’s.

AHR assisted the business in having a protected conversation and preparing a legally binding settlement agreement to ensure that no claims could be made against the company.

AHR also identified that the line manager and other members of the management team lacked certain skills relating to performance management, difficult conversations, and understanding of the Equality Act.

Therefore, AHR prepared and delivered a training programme to the team to help the managers to manage effectively and in turn, reduce the number of employee issues and disputes.

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