The team at AHR Consultants have been delivering HR support together for over ten years.    

Over these ten years the team have worked tirelessly to become a leading provider of HR support, leadership development training, and safety services to SME businesses throughout the UK.

For the last decade we have remained true to our strategy to provide high levels of customer service and to develop long-term relationships with our clients.

1st January 2007

AHR Consultants opened its doors as Abbey HR Services, a division of Abbey Tax and Consultancy Services Limited (ATCS), and was one of the first HR consultancies to provide an online document repository, CybHR. This is an area where client handbooks can be stored and automatically updated.

CybHR is still used at the core of our services and is used by many of our clients, past and present.

2008 – 2015

These were the years we spent refining our offering, adding health and safety, developing on-site consultancy support, growing our team, and building our brand and client relationships.

Over the years we have seen our client base grow and we are proud that our renewal rates are consistently in the high 90%’s. Moreover, we have a number of clients who have remained loyal for the last ten years since we opened our doors in 2007.


In 2016 we formally launched out leadership development training programme and became a CPD certified training provider, meaning all our courses are CPD accredited.

During the year we ran 110 courses and trained 984 delegates. Our focus has been on giving managers the skills to deal with the people issues they face day to day.

Based on the great feedback we have received we developed more courses for 2017!

Kate Fogg our Senior HR Consultant and Head of Training Services said..

We have tried to make all of our events fun and light-hearted, whilst ensuring that the key messages are loud and clear, and learned! I am really happy to say that the feedback we have shows we have got that about right.

2017 onward…

In May 2017 Abbey HR Services Directors completed a successful management buy out of the business from ATCS and re-branded to become AHR Consultants a team of professional, dedicated consultants who work for you, our clients.

We aim to continue to provide a high quality service to our clients and to develop new services based on client needs.

In thanking all our clients for their continued support, we look forward to working with you for another 10 years at least!