Shaping company culture, developing talent, and retaining employees. It’s fair to say that prioritising these strategic HR responsibilities would be desirable for any organisation, particularly during a global pandemic.

However, does every HR team feel truly satisfied with the amount of working capacity devoted to these areas? The likely answer is ‘no’, with time often being highlighted as the missing resource for maximum strategic growth.  

To free up time for embracing leadership, it is important that HR managers are aware of any potentially inefficient processes in their organisation, with a committed effort made towards streamlining them.

While this can sound like a daunting task, the implementation of a HR management system is a great place to start. These systems offer a range of easy-to-use features, helping to ensure that laborious administration tasks are a thing of the past.

After helping many organisations to master their HR admin processes, AHR Consultants have been recognised as Breathe Partner of the Month for December 2021. To celebrate this, we have created the below guide on the benefits of Breathe, which is an innovative system for HR management.  

Hassle-free holiday management at your fingertips

Save time with Breathe’s holiday planner and do more in less time. The holiday booking system is simple and straightforward to use, with employees able to input their request from any device, which will then send their line managers a holiday request. Line managers can then accept and reject any leave requests depending on resource.

Managing holiday through the system couldn’t be simpler, as it allows employees to have an overview of their yearly leave allowances, alongside any holidays that have been booked or taken throughout the year. As a result, employees can benefit from having clear visibility of their leave allowances and any remaining days, all from within the Breathe system.

Furthermore, the holiday calendar is a great way to manage your staff and resource within the business. Using this tool allows you to keep track of who is on leave within your team or department, with filters available for viewing leave of an individual employee, department, or company.

Breathe can also pro-rate holiday entitlement for any new starters that join your organisation part way through the year, taking away the stress of confusing calculations. Additionally, Breathe allows you to export reports from the system, giving you an overview of holiday usage for individual employees, a company as a whole, or specific departments.

The system also allows you to set a ‘company blackout’ within the peak period of your business, making employees aware that they are unlikely to have holiday requests approved during the specified time.

Understanding absence and taking action

Using Breathe’s absence management feature allows you to understand absence records within the company and identify any potential problems before they can escalate further. As soon as an employee calls in sick, line managers can then upload the sickness record onto the system.

Using this software allows line managers and HR users to view any sickness records from a dashboard, outlining which members of staff are off sick and showing who has authorised the absence.

Sick notes and any relevant documentation relating to sickness can be uploaded to Breathe, giving you a clearer idea of illness patterns within your organisation. After seeing this information, you can begin implementing measures to reduce absences, such as an Employee Assistance Programme.

Breathe also generates a Bradford Factor score automatically, making it easier to monitor individual absences and query these when the score hits a trigger point. The system can also generate various reports regarding absences within the business, in which you are able to filter by individuals or a specific department.  

Are you interested in Breathe?

Over 9,000 SMEs are already using Breathe to streamline their HR administration processes and make time for more consistent strategic growth. If you’re interested in joining them, AHR Consultants can help.

We are offering a 50% discount on the first 3 months of new Breathe subscriptions, when you sign up for a free 14-day trial during December.

Not only does this allow you to see the system for yourself with no obligation, it also guarantees our best ever discount on the system, should you wish to continue using it.

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