The CIPD has released its latest report on flexible working, the report was developed in conjunction with government departments, business groups, trade unions and charities. The report is designed to highlight the benefits of flexible working and how it can positively impact businesses.

At AHR, we speak to our clients on a regular basis about how flexible working can be effectively managed and the processes surrounding it, but we also demonstrate how flexible working can benefit their business.

Flexible working is traditionally associated with working parents, but as the demographic in society continues to change (a third of workers will be over 50 by 2020) this is no longer the case. Now everyone has the right to request flexible working from their employer which means that change for businesses is inevitable.

There is often a perception from business managers that flexible working can send out the wrong message, making them hesitant to actively promote flexible working. This is reflected in the latest figures that suggest the percentage of the UK workforce with a flexible working arrangement had not risen above the 27% seen in 2010, and this can prevent the benefits of flexible working being recognised, so it is important for leaders to overcome this general lack of understanding.

The business case for flexible working can help support organisations with some of their biggest challenges such as recruitment, retention, absence, overall wellbeing and enhanced levels of employee engagement.

When it comes to recruitment, flexible working can be used as a great attraction tool. By advertising your vacancies as flexible, this can generate a larger group of candidates to choose from so you can get the right person for the job.

Other benefits to flexible working are the reduction in levels of turnover, absence levels and employees are more likely to go the extra mile for their employer as a result. The report highlights that employees who work flexibly have a much higher level of job satisfaction and demonstrate a greater commitment to their organisations in comparison to those who work the typical 9-5.

The overall advantages to promoting flexible working outweigh the arguments against it; businesses will become more competitive, they will be seen as a desirable employer, some such as Ford have seen increased productivity and reduced costs. Additionally, flexible organisations are also be able to adapt and respond to the changing and uncertain market more easily.

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