Thanks to our partnership with Bannerman Rendell, clients can now access essential Cyber Insurance to protect their digital assets and avoid significant fines and penalties.

PLUS get a Free non- intrusive Risk Assessment on all your domains to find out if you’ve already had a data breach!

Cyber Insurance is important for all modern day businesses no matter their size as managing situations may require in-depth technical knowledge. As well as minimising business disruption and
providing financial protection during an incident, Cyber Insurance may help with any legal and regulatory actions after an incident as well.

According to UK Government Cyber Breaches Survey 2022, 39% of UK businesses identified a Cyber attack in the previous 12-months with phishing attempts, (83%) ranking the most common of these threats.

What does this cover include?

The policies are tailored to your business needs. This is based upon your risk exposure, type of IT infrastructure held and the type of data your organisation holds.

First party cover includes protection against the insured’s own financial loss, defined as any actual or suspected unauthorised system access, electronic attack or privacy breach. Third party cover includes protection for the insured, for liability actions against them due to a Cyber event.

This insurance can include the following features:

  • Incident/Breach/Event Response
  • Cyber Extortion and Ransomware
  • System Damage, Business Interruption and incurred Extra Expenses, Proof of Loss, Digital Asset Restoration, any Computer Replacement or Bricking
  • Crisis Management and Public Relations, any of your Court Attendance costs, Criminal Reward Costs plus Reputational Harm Costs
  • Network Privacy Liability
  • Regulatory Fines
  • Media Liability
  • Crime- Extortion
  • Crime – Electronic Compromise
  • Crime – Social Engineering
  • Crime – Fund Transfer Fraud including Invoice Manipulation and Impersonation Repair costs
  • Crime – Service Fraud including Cryptojacking
  • Third Party Liability including Security and Privacy, Technology and Media Professional

Why should your business have Cyber Insurance?

We live in a world where Cyber threats are varied and constantly changing. Cyber Insurance can help get your business back on it’s feet, should something Cyber-related go wrong.

Cyber Insurance cover gives you essential protection after a data security breach. Policies include a response by an expert team, crisis management, loss of profits, regulatory investigation and network compromise following malware, trojan, virus, spyware, crime, and theft of funds/extortion.

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