In early 2017 anyone will be able to see tribunal judgements in just a click of a button anyone will be able to make online searched by company name, or topic. This is a massive difference from the current lengthy process of requesting verdicts from HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS).

With transparency on the rise, this new process has been warmly welcomed. However, it is feared that employers may now be more likely to settle out of court to avoid being a part of the database. ‘Blacklists’ of litigants could also be created as a result of the transparency. There could also be a number of repercussions including

  • Serial litigants being able to see patterns in tribunals and outcomes
  • An increased number of litigants​
  • Disgruntled employees threatening that if it goes to court then everyone will know the details

These are all worst case scenarios; however the thought of having our ‘dirty laundry’ out there in the open can be daunting. So, how can it be avoided?

Seek advice

With good advice you are significantly less likely to be taken to tribunal. We know this is true as in 2015 less than 3% of our clients had a tribunal claim made against them. Our aim is to ensure that your business is not in a position where a claim can be made in the first place, and this simply makes common sense.

Protect yourself

Once a claim has been made, what would your next steps be? Who would you engage to guide your business through the stages and stress of a tribunal? Abbey HR offers a number of options for employers facing tribunal including:

  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Fixed Fee Arrangements
  • Consultancy

AHR Consultants are a HR provider who wants to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your business, tackling issues as they arise before they become tribunal claims is our main goal, however if it does escalate to a claim we are able to support you through it from start to finish.

Call 0345 076 2288 to find out more.  ​

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