We were all surprised in July 2017 when the supreme court ruled tribunal fees unlawful. AHR Consultants covered the breaking news and suggested some strategic steps going forward.

Employment tribunal fees unlawful

Employment Tribunal Fees – Strategic steps moving forward

People Management released an article where they asked solicitors what types of tribunal claims we can expect to see more of  in the future, and this is what they said…

Equal pay disputes 

Gender Pay Gap reporting is fast approaching, combine this with the recent press that equal pay has had with the BBC, it is likely that this will be a popular claim in the future. Disgruntled employees may bring claims of equal pay or sex discrimination if they are paid less than a colleague of the opposite gender in the same position.

Maternity discrimination 

The Young Women’s Trust found that a quarter of young mothers had experienced maternity discrimination in the workplace. Previously claims were expensive for the claimant and could also be expensive for the employer. Lack of fee’s mean that more new mothers who feel they are discriminated against could make a claim going forward.

Discriminatory dress codes 

In May 2016 we saw the HR world explode when a woman in London was sent home from work because she refused to wear high heels. This sparked mass coverage in the HR community and also on the BBC website. The story snowballed and a petition against women needing to wear high heels in the workplace was signed by more than 150,000 people.

Claims for younger workers 

A Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications made in 2013 found that 49% of claimants did not make a claim as they were influenced by the fee. Young workers, typically aged 20-24 were more affected than those aged 65+. We can now expect to see a rise in young workers making claims.

How can employers protect themselves

Employers now need to take strategic steps to protect themselves from the threat of tribunal claims. The threat of a claim cannot be removed entirely, however the risk can be minimised. Services AHR Consultants offer to employers are designed to ensure minimum risk to the business while maintaining productivity.

HR Support – Ensure you are compliant. Can you remember when your policies and procedure were last updated?

Legal Expenses Insurance – Clients taking an advisory service with us can also take out Legal Expenses Insurance with us. This service indemnify them against the cost of a tribunal.

Tribunal Support – Tribunals can be expensive. We offer fixed fee tribunal support, this allows you to know exactly how much you are paying and what you are paying for.

Leadership Development Training – Training your managers to identify potential risks in the workplace is one of the first steps you can make to ensure that potential claims are identified and resolved.

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