A new Fire Safety Bill is being introduced for England and Wales to improve fire safety within buildings. The questions is, how will it affect you?

Following the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, the government are looking to tie up legal loopholes within the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO) 2005, relating to who is responsible for fire safety. It is likely to go into detail on what exactly the Responsible Person/s (RPs) must manage, including the structure, external walls and cladding of the building as well as balconies, windows and entrance doors to flats.

The Bill also extends the power of the Fire Authority to allow for easier prosecution of RPs. With the implementation of the Bill, it is likely that the new powers given to the Fire Authority will lead to a rise in inspections, fines, and prosecutions.

While the Bill is mainly intended for two or more sets of domestic premises, typically understood as blocks of flats, it will also strengthen the RRFSO in many other areas. This includes prosecuting RPs for having a lack of maintenance and safety procedures and not having a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment completed by a competent person.

To ensure you are prepared for the new Bill you should be able to confidently answer ‘yes’ to the following questions:

  • Are your fire risk assessments suitable and sufficient?
  • Is the assessor competent in that they have the necessary knowledge, experience, and training?
  • Would you be confident in demonstrating this in a court of law?

AHR Consultants has a team of experienced competent fire risk assessors. Remove the risk from your organisation by appointing us to ensure you are compliant with the RRFSO, Fire Safety Bill and any future changes the government make.

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Image provided by Safety Technology International