Throughout April, there are various health and safety campaigns that your business can focus on, raising awareness of prominent issues both nationally and internationally.

Stress Awareness Month – April 2021

Feeling stressed inside or outside of the workplace? While we try not to bring our personal lives to work, and vice versa, inevitably one may affect the other. If you, your colleagues, or your employees are facing stress, there are an array of tools out there to help. These tools are the focus of Stress Awareness Month, with full details available here.

As highlighted by this campaign, 65% of people in the UK have felt more stressed since Covid-19 restrictions began in March 2020. This presents an opportunity for employers to review their existing approach to stress management and implement steps to improve it.

Key considerations include:

  • Have you considered employee wellbeing in your risk assessments?
  • Do you have a wellbeing strategy in place?
  • How many Mental Health First Aiders do you have in your organisation?

WHO has time for World Health Day? – 7 April 2021

The World Health Organization encourage us all to focus on helping to build a fairer and healthier world. The details of this year’s campaign are yet to be published but keep an eye on this page for further updates on how you can contribute. Themes from previous years include raising awareness of mental health issues, maternity or childcare concerns, and climate change.

#BeWaterAware – 26 April to 2 May 2021

The National Fire Chiefs Association are campaigning to raise awareness of the risk of accidental drowning. Did you know that 223 people accidentally drowned in the UK in 2019? Nearly half of these people had no intention of entering the water.

#BeWaterAware aims to educate people on water safety, including how to react when helping somebody who may be at risk of drowning. This also serves as an opportunity for employers to assess the water-related risks in their workplace, with key considerations including:

  • Is there a risk of accidental drowning at your workplace?
  • Are water features considered in risk assessments, especially when involving vulnerable people?
  • Do you have suitable measures in place to rescue people if they fall into water?

On Your Feet Britain – 29 April 2021

Brighter mornings and evenings are here, meaning it is time to get back out and enjoy everything that the outside world has to offer. Exercise is linked to better health, increased motivation, improved concentration, as well as other wellbeing and performance benefits.

On Your Feet Britain helps your employees to recognise these benefits, encouraging them to participate in physical activity and reinforce the campaign’s ‘#SitLess and #MoveMore’ message.

If you would like tailored support for the management of any issue covered in these campaigns, AHR Consultants can help. We can review your risk assessments or create new ones, train your assessors to be competent, or deliver training in areas such as Mental Health First Aid.

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