We have selected two health and safety campaigns for employers to focus on during August, raising awareness of the key topics of employee wellbeing and fire safety. Both of these areas can impact everyone in an organisation, which makes them a great focal point for an awareness campaign.

Cycle to Work Day – 4th August 2022

Recognised as the UK’s largest event for cycle commuting, Cycle to Work Day is an initiative led by Cyclescheme that encourages individuals of all ages and fitness levels to take a greener journey into work.

Participation on the day is supported by the Love to Ride community, which is a platform for employees to share their new commuting experience and upload cycle rides for others to see. Contributors are rewarded with a range of prizes, which adds further incentive for employees to get involved.

Overall, Cycle to Work Day is all about boosting wellbeing within organisations, leading to better health on a collective scale and ultimately a more motivated workforce. Additionally, there is also the positive environmental and financial impact to consider, which can only become greater as participants become open to the idea of regular cycle commutes.

To spread the word within your organisation, it is recommended that you send an informative email to all staff, decorate the workplace with awareness posters, and update your intranet with visual content. Ready-made templates can be found for each of these on the Cycle to Work Day website.

Chimney Fire Safety Week – 29th August to 4th September 2022

Towards the end of August, you can also get involved with Chimney Fire Safety Week, which is an initiative supported by the government’s Fire Kills campaign.

This week is dedicated to reducing instances of chimney fires within buildings by raising awareness of how to use and maintain them safely. To minimise the risk of a chimney fire, individuals must understand the importance of chimney sweeping and appliance maintenance. Any fuels used should also be of a high quality wherever possible.

Recent statistics show that over 5,000 chimney fire incidents are reported annually in Britain, with this campaign presenting a valuable opportunity to take action.

Find out more about how to get involved here.

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