Participation in a health and safety campaign helps to raise awareness of important issues in your organisation. Our final campaigns update for 2021 focuses on equality and discrimination, and the remembrance of each life that was sadly lost in workplaces during this year.

We have provided a summary of each campaign below.

Human Rights Day – 10th December

The United Nations is running its annual Human Rights Day campaign on Friday 10 December, with this year’s event focussing on the importance of equality.

In a workplace setting, equality involves ensuring that opportunities are distributed fairly amongst individuals, without being influenced by a protected characteristic.

This applies across all areas of an organisation, including health and safety, where all individuals must have equal access to any advice or resources that allow them to do their job safely.  

Employers should always be mindful of the diversity of their workforce when establishing their working practices. Not only will this help them to meet their legal obligations for equality, but it will also give them a better chance of attracting employees and customers in the future.

Human Rights Day presents an opportunity for organisations to review these areas, while also highlighting their existing approach towards tackling discrimination and inequality in the workplace.  

For more information on the campaign, click here.

National Workplace Day of Remembrance – 12th December

Established in 2019, this is an independent campaign which marks a time to remember everyone who has lost their life at work, regardless of their job or industry.

The event’s date is significant, as it marks the anniversary of The Oaks Colliery Explosion in 1866, which is considered one of the worst industrial disasters of all time.

Tragically this incident led to 361 deaths, following an explosion on a mining site in Barnsley.

With the event falling on a Sunday this year, employers are encouraged to inform their employees of the campaign in advance, marking the day with a minute of silence at 12 noon.

For more information on National Workplace Day of Remembrance, click here.

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