Although there are a limited number of health and safety campaigns running in July, those that are taking place are focussed on a vitally important topic.

Mental health issues can affect anybody inside or outside of the workplace, so knowing that there is somewhere to turn when they arise is essential. Promoting awareness of mental health plays a major role in facilitating this relationship, as it gives individuals confidence that they can express their feelings without being judged.

Read more about the upcoming Samaritans campaign below to find out how you can promote mental health awareness in your workplace.

Talk to Us – July 2021

In July each year, Samaritans launches its ‘Talk to Us’ campaign across the UK and Republic of Ireland with an array of interactive events. These events are all about raising awareness of the support services provided by the charity, which includes advice via telephone, email, letter, and their Self-help mobile app.

Samaritans offer free support to anyone who needs someone to listen, 24/7, without judgement or pressure. This covers any subject which may be causing difficulty to an individual, whether it be an emergency or long-term issue.

Talk to Us month also includes Samaritans Awareness Day on 24 July, which makes this a great time to get involved and promote their message within your organisation.

For further details and resources to use during the campaign, click here.

Have you considered an Employee Assistance Programme?

When reflecting on the message promoted by Samaritans’ campaign, it is important to review your existing approach to supporting employee mental health.

Getting involved with ‘Talk to Us’ is a great place to start, and it is important that everyone in your organisation is aware of your collective participation.

Another effective way to support your employees is by adopting an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This ensures that everyone in your organisation can access confidential advice and counselling on personal issues whenever they need it.

If you do have an EAP in place, it is crucial that your employees know about the support options available to them. A great way to achieve this is by using posters and notice boards throughout your premises, or by promoting the services on internal systems.

Looking for further guidance?

If you would like further guidance surrounding mental health support at work, AHR Consultants can help. Further information about our Employee Assistance Programme can be found here. We are also a provider of Mental Health First Aid training, with full details on this course and its benefits available here.

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