There are plenty of health and safety campaigns taking place throughout June, and we have selected three which employers may want to use to spread awareness in their organisation.

Much of the focus is on improving elements of our lifestyle and the environment that surrounds us, leading to a safer and healthier future for everyone.

BNF Healthy Eating Week – 14th June to 18th June 2021

‘Find your healthier you’ is the message being promoted by The British Nutrition Foundation this June, as they look to motivate people across the UK to embrace the benefits of a better diet.

To achieve this, they are encouraging everyone to take a moment to reflect on their lifestyles, with the intention of identifying areas for improved health and wellbeing.

The week is separated into five themes, which are: know the facts, make a healthier choice, plan for success, be the chef, and keep moving. These themes are supported by a range of online resources, including activity packs, posters, videos, and a healthy behaviour tracker.

If you are looking to demonstrate a commitment to healthy living within your organisation, why not check out these resources and share them with your employees? There is also a live webinar on Monday 14th June to kickstart the week, which could provide a great opportunity to get your colleagues on board.

Clean Air Day – 17th June 2021

The environmental change charity Global Action Plan are continuing their Clean Air movement with Clean Air Day on Thursday 17th June. This year, their focus is on the various heart and lung diseases which can be caused by breathing in poor quality air, following the news that air pollution causes up to 36,000 deaths per year in the UK.

On the day, they aim to ensure that businesses and communities become more aware of the health threats posed by air pollution, while suggesting easy actions which everyone can take to improve air quality.

As a previous winner of Environmental Awareness Campaign of the Year, Clean Air Day is popular with businesses, who can share their environmental efforts on social media with ‘#CleanAirDay’.

For more information about air pollution and resources to use on the day, visit Global Action Plan’s Clean Air Hub here.

Home Safety Week – 14th June to 20th June 2021

The NFCC (National Fire Chiefs Council) are raising awareness of fire and carbon monoxide incidents in the home during this week-long campaign. Their focus is specifically on the importance of installing alarms to respond to these incidents, which can prove invaluable if done correctly.

As part of the campaign, the council encourages everyone to re-assess their home environment to ensure that all areas are within suitable range of an alarm. This is a commonly identified reason for a fire alarm not starting, meaning precious time to react and evacuate are lost.

It is also recommended that alarms are interlinked so that each one will activate regardless of where the fire or carbon monoxide incident started.

Looking for further support?

If you would like support with managing any of these issues, AHR Consultants can help. Preventing lung disease from developing in the workplace is currently high on the Health and Safety Executive’s agenda (also highlighted by Clean Air Day), with inspections ongoing for multiple sectors. Our team can help you prepare for this by reviewing your safety arrangements and suggesting updates where necessary.

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