A wide range of health and safety campaigns are taking place throughout September, and we have highlighted three great options for employers to help spread awareness within their organisation.

This includes a focus on overcoming the stigma surrounding mental health and the prevention of suicide. The topic of fire safety is also explored, with potentially life-saving guidance for employers to consider.

World Suicide Prevention Day – 10th September 2021

This annual campaign, which is led by the International Association for Suicide Prevention, encourages everyone to engage in open discussions about their mental health, leading to well-informed action that reduces the number of global suicide attempts.

With one in every 100 deaths worldwide being attributed to suicide, there is a role for everyone in helping to prevent harm and offer support.

The overall message of World Suicide Prevention Day is to ‘Create Hope Through Action’, which can be achieved by reaching in, encouraging understanding, and sharing experiences. Ultimately, suicidal thoughts are complex and no single approach works for everyone, but participation in the campaign could be a welcome support signal for someone in need.

Visit the campaign’s website here to access a range of visual awareness resources and information on event participation during the day.

Gas Safety Week – 13th September to 19th September 2021

This year marks the 11th edition of Gas Safety Week, which is led by the Gas Safe Register.

Gas safety is important all year round, but it is not always a household’s top priority. Covid-19 has had a profound effect on the way we all live, and with more people staying inside, it is even more pertinent to ensure the public are aware of gas safety dangers at home.

To avoid dangers such as gas leaks, fire, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning, it is crucial to only use a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer for gas work.

The awareness campaign aims to reach all gas consumers in the UK, however, Gas Safe Register’s focus this year will be to target local communities and encourage people to pass on safety messages and look out for others.

There are around 23 million gas consumers in the UK and 1 in 6 homes has a dangerous gas appliance within it. Therefore, it is in the best interest of everyone to ensure that the campaigns safety message is spread.

To get involved with Gas Safety Week and access tips on how to stay safe, click here.

Fire Door Safety Week – 20th September to 26th September 2021

The British Woodworking Federation’s (BWF) annual campaign returns this year from 20th September to 26th September.

The week-long event aims to educate the public on the critical role that fire doors play in delaying the spread of smoke and fire, while encouraging best practice in use, specification, and installation. It also seeks to overcome the legacy of neglect in maintaining and inspecting fire doors.

A fire door is more than a typical door. It is a complex system of components that must work together to fulfil a life-saving role in preventing the spread of smoke and fire.

In any instances where a fire does break out, having a fire door will ensure that it can be contained within a ‘compartment’. This keeps the fire and smoke trapped for a defined period, dependent on its fire classification, allowing time for people to get out and make the fire easier to tackle.

Of course, this all relies on a fire door being in the correct condition, with the below steps advised to ensure this is the case:

  • Check for proof of certification
  • Look at the size of gaps
  • Consider the seal condition
  • Check the hinge fixing
  • Close the fire door properly

For more information on fire doors and to participate in Fire Door Safety Week, click here. This includes a free Fire Door Safety Week Toolkit, with a collection of visual resources and short campaign videos.

Looking for further support?

If you would like support with managing any of these issues, AHR Consultants can help. Our health and safety team includes fire safety specialists who can provide peace of mind with all aspects of compliance. This includes fire door checks, the provision of fire safety training, Competent Person support, and much more.

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