Mental health issues can affect anybody inside or outside of the workplace, so having somewhere to turn when they arise is essential. With support from AHR Consultants, your employees can confidently discuss their mental wellbeing, without fear of being judged.

Research by the Mental Health Foundation shows that 14.7% of employees in the average UK workplace are currently suffering with mental health problems. This is the equivalent of 1 in every 7 people which, when applied to most SMEs and large businesses, shows the harsh reality of the situation.

In addition to the personal impact of mental health problems, the Office for National Statistics has found that 12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK are attributed to mental health conditions.

Considering the potential implications of these trends, alongside the duty of care owed by employers, businesses should be doing everything they can to promote mental health awareness in their workplace.

Mental wellbeing – The benefits

Embracing mental health at work is more than just a gesture, and when done effectively, businesses are likely to experience a number of additional benefits.

These include:

  • Improvements to employee morale
  • Higher rates of productivity across organisational levels
  • Greater motivation to tackle challenges as a team
  • Stronger employee retention rates
  • Attracting high quality candidates
  • Better customer satisfaction

It is fair to say that every business would like to experience these benefits, so what can they actually do to embrace mental health?

Mental Health First Aid Training

In guidance released by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Public Health England (PHE), it is stated that all managers should possess the necessary skills to support employees who are facing mental health concerns.

We provide a comprehensive two-day course on Mental Health First Aid, which allows managers, team leaders, supervisors, and employees to become fully qualified as a Mental Health First Aider.

By attaining this qualification, individuals are able to recognise the signs of ill mental health within those around them, while providing progressive support to help address any associated issues.

During the course, our trainer discusses sensitive areas such as suicide, anxiety, depression, and self-harm, with the aim of reducing stigma in your organisation.

It is clear to see how the presence of a Mental Health First Aider can have a life-changing impact in the workplace.

To find out more about how this training course could benefit your business, click here, or call us on 0345 076 22288.

Improve mental wellbeing with an EAP

Implementing an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is one of the best ways to provide ongoing mental health support in your organisation.

An EAP is a professional service that operates 24/7, giving access to confidential advice and counselling via telephone, email, live chat, and online. Therefore, should your employees experience personal concerns, the EAP provides a reliable platform for discussing and addressing them.

These concerns can be associated with anything from depression and anxiety to bereavement, divorce, stress, and work-life balance.

By having an EAP in your organisation, you can effectively contribute to the mental wellbeing of your employees, which can help to reduce employee absence in the long-term.

We are proud providers of a market-leading Employee Assistance Programme, delivered in partnership with CiC Wellbeing. This includes all the great features outlined above, alongside additional benefits such as impartial legal advice and financial guidance.

To find out more about how our EAP could benefit your business, click here, or call us on 0345 076 22288.

Why choose AHR Consultants for mental health support?

Since 2007, we have established a highly experienced team of HR and H&S Consultants, who work tirelessly to provide comprehensive support and training to organisations across the UK.

By forming close relationships with employers, we deliver tailored solutions that help to drive change on a strategic and operational level, including the development of workplace cultures that embrace mental health.

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