Regardless of the number of years spent in an industry, it is fair to say that the past 12 months produced employment and safety challenges that nobody could have expected.

With businesses nationwide still being affected by the pandemic, the government’s response, and new Brexit rules; we look at several topics that should be top of an employer’s agenda in 2021.

Adapting your managerial approach

As lockdown restrictions continue to be a barrier to what was previously considered a normal working environment, businesses should not make the mistake of standing still when it comes to their managerial approach.

The following topics should remain at the forefront of managerial discussion:

  • Effective remote working and management
  • Stress management and addressing conduct issues prompted by increased anxiety
  • Complex attendance management, including adjustments for older colleagues and those with underlying health conditions

Due to their nature, organisations will approach these points differently and in accordance with their own environment. Whilst there is no universal recipe for success, our toolkits and webinars provide valuable insight that allows you to formulate the right response for you.

Increased awareness of health and wellbeing

As knowledge of the Coronavirus is now much more advanced than at the start of the pandemic, businesses should ensure that this continues to be reflected in their workplace arrangements.

Key considerations include:

  • Responses to the ongoing health and safety implications of Covid-19
  • Managing genuine health anxiety in the workplace
  • Challenges regarding testing and whether you can mandate vaccinations

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Dealing with the impact of change

The unfortunate but realistic situation for some organisations is that the economic impact of the past 12 months could be detrimental to their future. Brexit will also create new challenges, particularly for those that recruit from outside of the UK.

In these circumstances, the following should be considered:

  • Restructuring and responding effectively to any economic downturn affecting your business
  • Compliance with consultation requirements for changing working conditions and redundancy programmes
  • Potential increased engagement from ACAS, as more people consider making claims to the Employment Tribunal if they feel unfairly treated by their employer
  • Right to work checks, settled status and changes to visa requirements due to Brexit

We offer various support services for businesses that are facing difficult situations. If this applies to you, click here to find out more about how we can help you on a consultancy basis.

Preparing effectively

When encountering a challenge in 2021, whether it relates to HR, employment law, or health and safety; it is crucial that you seek advice at an early stage.

You should think ahead and respond promptly to issues when they occur to avoid matters escalating beyond what you can resolve locally, and without the need for litigation.

We provide tailored advice that helps you to handle issues in the confidence that all options, risks, and cultural values have been fully considered.

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