Each month we identify the current focus of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and provide a summary of key statistics and prosecutions from the previous month.

Covid-security remains key in approach to ‘Freedom Day’

As expectations surrounding the easing of lockdown restrictions on 19 July continue to grow, there is no change in the focus of the HSE when it comes to workplace inspections and spot checks. Their message is clear and simple, stating that Covid-secure measures are still as important as ever. Recent communications outline that the agency is working closely with local authorities in the UK to continue visiting businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Although it remains unclear how these visits will be affected from 19 July, the HSE recommends that all businesses review the Covid-secure guidance regularly to ensure that they are compliant with the latest regulations. 

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Over £5 million issued in fines during June

Prosecutions in June covered separate incidents involving two fatalities and nine significant injuries and ill health accidents. As a result of these incidents, an eye-opening sum of over £5 million was paid by employers in fines, with one company being ordered to pay a total of £1.5 million. This was in relation to issues with uncontrolled ligature points, to which 11 deaths were sadly linked.

As was the case in May, another employer was fined £400,000 for a gas leak incident in which no injury was sustained. Once again, this evidences the real possibility of severe penalties being issued due to potential harm only.

Overall, the most common issues during June were:

  • Unsuitable risk assessments
  • Unsafe systems of work and procedures
  • Inadequate protective measures, including barriers, guarding, and PPE
  • Insufficient supervision

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