The new financial year starts on Monday and with it comes key changes in employment law. We have summarised these below and updated the FAQs on our client portal to reflect the amendments.

Summary of key changes

From 1 April 2019:

  • national minimum wage increases
  • the definition of ‘exempt processing’ will change for the purposes of the requirement for data controllers to provide information and pay a charge to the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • new armed forces flexible working arrangements

From 6 April 2019:

  • tribunal compensation limits increase
  • the rate of statutory sick pay increases
  • national insurance contributions limits increase
  • income tax personal allowance and tax bands change
  • the minimum auto-enrolment pension contribution rates and the qualifying earnings limits increase
  • all workers to be provided with an itemised pay slip
  • itemised pay slips must include the total number of hours worked where the pay varies according to the hours worked
  • the maximum financial penalty for aggravated breach of a worker’s employment rights increases
  • the figures for van benefit and car and van fuel benefit increase

From 7 April 2019:

  • the rates of statutory maternity pay, statutory paternity pay, statutory adoption pay and statutory shared parental pay increase

From 8 April 2019:

  • the rate of maternity allowance increases

If you would like any more information on how these might affect you, contact us today on 0345 076 2288 or email We also have useful template letters on our client portal to help with communicating these changes to your employees.