As a manufacturing organisation with strict production deadlines, we appreciate that you may feel time-constrained when managing HR and H&S.

With tailored support from AHR Consultants, you can attain peace of mind in these key areas of compliance while continuing to lead a productive workforce.

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High employee turnover and unique safety challenges create significant HR and H&S risks in the manufacturing sector.

Rather than allowing these risks to escalate into expensive and time-consuming issues, it is better to adopt a proactive approach towards maintaining compliance.

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This covers the key compliance areas which can leave you exposed to employment tribunal claims and safety prosecutions, such as recruitment and selection, disciplinary and grievance processes, documentation and risk assessments, fire safety, and training.

Why does manufacturing need HR and H&S support?

Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that the average fine issued to manufacturing firms in 2020/21 was £135,000. Typically, these fines are issued due to insufficient risk assessments, unsafe systems of work, and a lack of proper training. In March 2022, a manufacturing company received a £200,000 fine after an incident was attributed to unsuitable and insufficient risk assessments.

In addition to this, no organisation is exempt from the possibility of an employment tribunal claim for discrimination, breach of contract, or unfair dismissal. Considering the typically large and diverse nature of manufacturing workforces, it is advisable to adopt a proactive approach towards avoiding these claims.

With a vast experience of delivering HR and H&S services to the manufacturing sector, we can help you to attain peace of mind in the compliance and safety of your organisation.

How does AHR Consultants support manufacturers?

As manufacturing sector specialists, AHR Consultants can help you to shape a bright future for your organisation, fuelled by employee development, talent retention, and enhanced protection against HR and H&S risks.

Our HR and H&S support empowers manufacturing companies to:

  • Address labour and skill shortages through recruitment and training
  • Lead a productive workforce that can deliver consistent results
  • Implement compliant policies and procedures with ready-made documents
  • Support your organisation with an Employee Assistance Programme
  • Create a safe working environment that considers unique risks
  • Manage any employee issues that arise along the way

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