As well as in our office and at your premises, we also deliver HR and H&S training courses online.

Rather than clicking through standardised content, our online training courses are presented live as a virtual classroom, with a highly experienced trainer from AHR Consultants. This means that during the course, delegates can interact with the trainer and ask questions, while also contributing to any tasks or activities.

Thanks to this approach, individual participation is encouraged in each online session, offering a market-leading experience for delegates. Our online training courses are perfect for groups of five delegates or more.

Below are some of the courses that we have recently delivered online. We can also deliver any of our other training courses in this way. Simply let us know that you require online training when making an enquiry.

Restructure and Redundancy

Equality, Discrimination and Difficult Conversations

Home Working and Remote Management

Investigations, Disciplinaries and Grievances

If there is something you are interested in that we don’t currently offer, please contact us on 0345 076 2288 or email with your requirements.

Who will benefit from Online Training?

Depending on the type of course selected, our online training portfolio caters for individuals across all business levels and departments. All that you need to access a session is a compatible computer or digital device, with a stable internet connection.

Online courses from our Leadership Skills category are typically beneficial for anyone with line management responsibility, whether this is a team leader, department manager, director, or business owner.

When attending a Personal Development course, you can expect content to be beneficial for all the above groups, alongside any employees who are looking to develop in the chosen area.

We also offer an extensive range of online courses for Health and Safety, which are suitable for all business sectors and sizes. Again, this includes sessions for senior employees, as well as those in junior positions with health and safety responsibilities. Our Fire Safety, First Aid at Work, and Mental Health First Aid courses are a great example of this.

What are the benefits of Online Training?

Online training has many benefits for employees and businesses. In today’s flexible working environment, the option to train online is convenient and cost-effective. It also provides an interactive experience that helps to encourage participation and improve delegate satisfaction.

Overall, the benefits of online training include:

  • Greater convenience due to virtual attendance
  • More cost-effective without travel costs and other expenses
  • Content is tailored to enhance the development of individuals
  • Better engagement levels due to interactivity

Online Training courses from AHR Consultants

AHR Consultants offer market-leading training courses for leadership, personal development, and safety. We work alongside businesses to deliver the best online training for their individual requirements. You can purchase our online training courses individually, or via Training Credits which can save you up to 40% on the standard price.

Our online training courses cover the following areas:

Leadership Skills

Effective leadership is the backbone of any successful business, helping to keep staff engaged and deliver collective results. We help leaders to develop through training on Equality and Discrimination, Attendance Management, Recruitment and Selection, and much more.

View our full range of courses for Leadership Skills here.

Personal Development

Online personal development training helps to enhance career progression and employee morale. This can lead to an array of additional benefits for businesses, including greater levels of productivity and motivation. We offer courses on Delivering Excellent Customer Service, Assertiveness and Influencing, Team Development and Motivation, and much more.

View our full range of courses for Personal Development here.

Health and Safety

Online safety training helps to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety Act 1974, while reducing the risk of incidents and subsequent enforcement action for businesses. We help employees to do their jobs safely, with courses on Fire Safety, First Aid at Work, Manual Handling, and much more.

View our full range of courses for Health and Safety here.

To find out how your business could benefit from online training, call us today on 0345 076 2288 or send us an email.