Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have received many enquiries from clients about the level of support available relating to business restructures and redundancies.

We appreciate it is inevitable that some businesses may need to restructure and potentially make redundancies. The process is undoubtedly stressful for all those involved, but we are here to help minimise this and remove some of the pressure.

We have developed a cost-effective support package to assist you during any restructure and/or redundancy programme. The package consists of three stages:

Stage one

  • We will have a consultation with your business, via tele/video call, to establish the current position and desired outcomes of the programme
  • We will look into the options available to you and review the potential impact of each
  • During a follow up consultation, we will discuss our findings and associated risks of the available options to enable you to make the right decision

Stage two

  • We will prepare a comprehensive project plan detailing all stages of the chosen programme
  • We will prepare the business case and briefing documents explaining the reasons for the proposed changes and how they are likely to impact employees
  • Where selection is required, we will create the selection/interview criteria to ensure a fair and unbiased process

Stage three

  • We will help you prepare for the business briefing
  • We will create all the letters, scripts and necessary documents for the programme
  • We will attend the business briefing to assist in the announcement and help answer any of the questions raised

For peace of mind, and certainty over fees, all stages are completed for a fixed fee. Due to the current economic crisis, we are pleased to offer up to 50% off our standard consultancy rates to help businesses.

Our experts are confident in providing a seamless and compliant service. By engaging AHR Consultants to support you with your business restructure we will minimise your risks of receiving a tribunal claim and, in worse case scenario, we can cover any legal costs or compensation awarded.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation on 0345 076 2288 or email to see how we can help relieve the stress of restructuring. Whether you want us to assist with all three stages or just one or two, we can help.