What are the benefits of using HR Resources?

HR plays a key role in promoting a positive working environment, while ensuring that employee wellness is taken care of and that workers are listened to. AHR Consultants are leading providers of HR support and have created a wide range of resources to help you minimise the risk of issues arising in the workplace.

By covering the trending topics within HR, these resources allow you to approach new challenges with confidence and secure a brighter future for your organisation.

Every business has a responsibility to be compliant with employment law. To fulfil this responsibility correctly, you must be aware of any updates to legislation as and when they happen. This also means understanding how these legislative changes will affect your business and the way it operates.

We appreciate that this can be an unwanted distraction for business owners, which is why our team works tirelessly to deliver topical HR resources with meaningful guidance for employers.

The importance of HR Resources for your business

Being busy running a business means you have little time for distractions. However, as your company grows, so does the risk attached to it, meaning it is essential that you have access to effective HR support. This helps you to protect your employees and keep your business reputation intact.

With our HR resources, we strive to cover the most important developments for your business, giving you useful information, guidance, and support to help you remain compliant.

If you ignore recent changes in HR and employment law, you are likely to leave your business exposed to potential disputes, grievances, and employment tribunal claims. Rather than incurring these unnecessary expenses, why not explore the latest HR resources from AHR Consultants below. This includes webinars on trending topics, bespoke Risk Reports for your business, helpful toolkits, and FAQs.

HR Resources from AHR Consultants

AHR Consultants have been supporting businesses across the UK since 2007. Our HR, employment law and health and safety expertise covers all business sectors and sizes. By tailoring our services to satisfy individual needs and budgets, we aim to deliver a bespoke experience to every employer that we work with. To give you an insight into the areas of HR and employment law that we cover, our experts have created a wide range of resources, including:

  • Webinars – Bitesize video sessions to help you operate effectively and in compliance with employment law. Recent topics include: recruitment and selection, health and wellbeing, and flexible working
  • Employment Tribunal Risk Analysis – Answer questions about your business in this short questionnaire and receive a free 30-minute consultation to discuss any potential issues
  • Return to Work Toolkit – Manage the return to work after lockdown with our guidance and selection of documents
  • Respond, Reassess and Recover Toolkit – This toolkit helps your business to plan a recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic by assessing potential HR challenges and your current situation
  • Home Working and Remote Management Toolkit – Manage employees who are working from home effectively with our dedicated guide and online training course
  • Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Toolkit – This toolkit guides you through every step of the CJRS and includes template documents for easier implementation
  • Short Time Working/Lay-Off Toolkit – If you are looking to lay-off some employees or make changes to working arrangements, this toolkit includes step by step guidance to help you navigate the process correctly
  • Free Employee Risk Report – Reduce the risk of expensive employee issues arising in your workplace by downloading a personalised Risk Report
  • Top HR FAQs – Clear answers to common HR and employment law questions, provided by our expert consultants

We hope the above HR resources are useful, but if you need any further support, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0345 076 2288 or send us a message.