Welcome to our Furlough Audit.

We understand that right now there is a lot of uncertainty for businesses. The government has put schemes and grants in place to help, but there is confusion on how to go about things, especially relating to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and furloughing workers.

The last thing you need is a potential employment tribunal claim due to breach of contract or discrimination. Therefore, to help ensure that you have done all you can to minimise the risk, we have created a Furlough Audit. Simply answer the questions below for an instant assessment.

Do you have the contractual right to change your employee/worker status to furloughed worker?
Did you present a business case for change to your employees/workers, prior to asking them to agree to change their status?
Did you follow a fair selection process to decide who to offer the change of employment status to?
Did you write to your people formally to request they change their employment status to ‘furloughed worker’ status?
Did your formal request detail the changes to your people’s salary and payment terms, i.e. the amount and date on which they would receive payment?
Did you receive formal agreement to the change from your workers and employees?