Unfortunately for some businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a downturn or cessation of work, leading to new challenges with the management of employees.

Short time working/lay-off arrangements can be useful in these situations, however, it is vital that managers are confident in their knowledge of how they work before implementing the process.

To help with this, we have produced a Short Time Working/Lay-off Toolkit, which includes:

  • The step by step process
  • Answers to the following key questions:
    • What is a short time working/lay-off?
    • What is guarantee pay?
    • How long can a short time working/lay-off be implemented
    • Can any employer do this?
    • What if I need to lay-off some, but not all employees?
  • Template documentation so you can easily implement the process

The toolkit is free for our clients or can be purchased for £49 + VAT.

To receive your Short Time Working/Lay-off Toolkit or to find out more please call 0345 076 2288.

The toolkit does not constitute legal advice and is provided for general information purposes only. If you require specific legal advice you should contact our team of consultants.