The importance of and how to conduct appraisals.                                                                                                                                                   

According to a Tower Watson Global workforce study, a third of UK workers plan on leaving their current employer within two years because of a poor relationship with their line manager. A third of managers allegedly do not coach employees in their roles and a quarter neglect to accurately evaluate performance in appraisals. Many managers reported that they were not being provided with the right support and information to manage their teams effectively.

This course looks at why it is important to appraise employees and prepares managers to undertake appraisals, ensuring that they are ready for what can sometimes be a tricky discussion.

Understanding the appraisal process and how to conduct a successful appraisal is what this course is all about. 

This course covers: 

  • Purpose of appraisals
  • Benefits of appraisals
  • Problem areas
  • Employee motivations
  • Preparing for appraisals / appraisal structure
  • Self-appraisal
  • Performance assessment / ratings
  • SMART objectives
  • Giving constructive feedback
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