Saying ‘what needs to be said’ when you need to say it and saying it right

No-one likes being ‘told off’ and no one enjoys doing the telling, well most people in our experience.

As managers you have a responsibility to ensure that you address difficult and challenging conversations with your teams in a prompt and effective manner.

From personality clashes to personal problems, this workshop helps managers find when they need to have a difficult conversation and gives you practical tools to help you do it right.

Drawing on the delegates personal experiences and giving time to prep from real life scenarios we support you to tackle difficult conversation with confidence.

This course covers: 

  • Who is responsible, and what is the process?
  • Preparation, having the conversations, and how to ‘follow-up’
  • Basic communication skills and the four-step process

This course is typically a half day course 94 hours) and can be merged with Management Essentials to create a 360 management course

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