What needs to be said and how to say it.                                                                                                  

Under performance, personality clashes, personal problems, turning down a request for holiday, and flexible working are all scenarios where a difficult conversation will be needed and on occasion these conversations can be uncomfortable. Employees may try and take you off track, may act irrationally and in the worst instance accuse you of bullying, these are all reasons that can make us anxious when dealing with these matters.

This course provides scripts and scenarios to work through.

Ensuring managers have the knowledge to handle difficult conversations with practical guidelines is what this course is all about.  

This course covers: 

  • When difficult conversations arise
  • Is the issue for you to deal with?
  • Process outline
  • Why do we not like to approach these situations?
  • Preparation
  • The meeting
  • The outcome
  • Communication skills
  • Four-step process

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