Can’t do, won’t do – formal performance appraisal 

Performance can drop for many reasons and one of the key questions you need to answer before starting any formal management procedure is whether under-performance is because they ‘can’t do’ their job, or they ‘won’t do’ it.

The first is a question of skill, the latter is a matter of will.

This workshop focuses on the former and supports managers in building an effective performance management process including; learning how address under performance informally in the first instance, linking back to performance appraisals and probationary reviews, creating the foundation of the formal process.

This course covers: 

  • Capability versus conduct
  • Individual roles and responsibilities
  • Performance management skills
  • Monitoring performance and giving feedback
  • Legal implications, formal performance management process

This course is useful for all managers who manage a team

This course is typically a full day course (6-8 hours)

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