Can’t do, won’t do – Formal conduct management and disciplinary hearings 

This isn’t a court of law, and you don’t need proof beyond a reasonable doubt. What you do need, though, is to present a reasonable case to answer to an employee for them to understand what your concerns are about their conduct and to respond to the Company’s position.

There is a legal framework within which you must work when managing a formal disciplinary process, and this workshop helps you do just that.

From reviewing the investigation and running a fair hearing through to making a reasoned and fair decision about what, if any, formal sanction may be right in the circumstances. We give you a real-life case to review and decide whether you would take it to a formal hearing or not, and we give you real-life tribunal case summaries to decide whether you think those dismissal decisions were fair or unfair.

The course covers: 

  • Conduct management and the role and responsibilities of managers
  • The legal implications / process and standard of proof
  • Essential skills of the hearing officer
  • Gross misconduct and the range of penalties

This course is typically a full day course (6-8 hours) 

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