All that ‘HR legal stuff’ in a simple and straightforward way.                                                                                                                                         

Workplaces are diverse places, this calls for increasing requirements for political correctness. An employee can raise a claim of discrimination from the earliest moment of contact with your business. Managing employee relationships requires the knowledge and understanding to make management decisions whilst remaining mindful of the potential risks. Managers need to be aware of the pitfalls that employment law may expose themselves and the business to.

This course deals with all areas of possible discrimination including: age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity etc. and provides real life examples of situations that have resulted in businesses facing discrimination claims.

Prevention is better than cure. Ensuring problems do not escalate is what this course is all about.

This course covers: 

  • Nine protected characteristics
  • Examination of case studies
  • Implications of employment law
  • Protecting you and the business
  • Understanding the risks

We will be holding this training in our offices on a number of occasions throughout 2018: 

Equality, Discrimination & Difficult Conversations – 30th May 2018 – £169 + VAT per delegate

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Equality, Discrimination & Difficult Conversations – 5th December 2018 – £169 + VAT per delegate

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If you have five or more managers who would benefit from this training, we would suggest an in-house course delivered at your location for convenience.  

In-House training from £695 + VAT