When is a grievance not a grievance, and when is it? 

As managers, you must take employee complaints seriously, but they aren’t always as easy to recognise as you think.

Believe it or not, an aggrieved employee may not put their complaints in writing neatly headed up ‘Grievance’, and yet as employers you need to be able to recognise and resolve employee complaints in compliance with your Grievance policies and the ACAS code of practice.

This workshop explores the various ways that employees raise their complaints and gives you the confidence to manage the grievance process correctly through to what should be a positive resolution.

We also explore where grievances are not actually grievances at all and how to ensure you are signposting your teams to the correct process to address their concerns.

This course covers:

  • What is a grievance?
  • Informal and formal, including grievances in resignations
  • Hearing chairperson skills and tips for a successful meeting
  • Further investigations, outcomes and appeals

This course is typically a half day course (4 hours) 

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