Start as you mean to go on

Organisations tend to focus more on getting people through the door, or out of it, than in managing those crucial first few months effectively.

A clear, detailed and effective induction and probation review process is essential in making sure that your recruit not only feels welcome, but also has the skills and competence to do the job you have appointed them to do.

Do your people pass their probation with time served alone, or do you practically assess their conduct and performance before confirming them in post? We often speak to clients about problems they’re having and one of the recurring questions we end up asking is…

‘How did they pass probation?’

This course covers: 

  • First impressions and the learning curve
  • Core aims of induction and the essentials
  • Setting goals and requirements
  • Conducting reviews and giving feedback
  • Final review and what happens if they don’t succeed

This course is most useful to those who have attended recruitment and selection training or for those managers who work with employee’s during their first few months in a role.

This course is typically a half day course (4 hours) 

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