Time to get your Sherlock Holmes on, there’s something afoot

Prior to addressing conduct and capability issues with employees it is essential that you have undertaken a thorough and robust investigation into the matters of concern.

You cannot present a case to an employee without first having explored all the circumstances surrounding the alleged misconduct/ poor performance for them to be able to respond to the company’s position.

This workshop takes you through a real-life case from start to finish and gives you practical and essential skills to be able to undertake thorough, detailed investigations to enable you to decide what the right next steps are in fairly managing conduct and capability challenges as well as potentially fair and legally complaint dismissals.

This course covers: 

  • Principles of fair and thorough investigations
  • To suspend or not to suspend?
  • Picking the right investigator, and their essential skills
  • Evidence, timescales, witnesses and the question of anonymity

This course is typically a full day course (6-8 hours) 

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