I’m not bossy, I have skills. Leadership skills 

Management development is essential to ensuring that your managers have the skills necessary to be effective leaders in your organisation.

The question of style, motivation and communication skills are just the beginning of this fast paced, fun packed practical workshop.

How many times do organisations promote people into management positions based on their technical competence alone and not their people management skills?

Weak management competence is a recurring theme in organisations who have the most grievances raised, and highest tribunal exposure and this course is a cornerstone to addressing this core concern.

This course covers:

  • Management styles and motivation
  • Communication
  • Team roles
  • Prioritising, planning and time management
  • Decision making and delegation
  • Goal setting and coaching

This course is perfect for new managers in need of a refresher or new managers who could benefit from support and guidance

This course is typically a full day course (6-8 hours) 

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