Management vs leadership and the qualities of a good leader.                                                                                                                                                 

Touching on different management styles and their uses in the workplace including the skills required to manage people. Managers have an impact over the morale, well-being, and productivity of employees. A good manager recognises that they cannot do everything themselves and delegation is key for their teams development and to ensure that the manager focuses on their tasks effectively.

This course takes a look at teams and their styles followed by exploring what motivated employees to work for your business. Setting SMART objectives and working through goal setting for your employees will also be part of the agenda along with following an eight step coaching model. Following a decision making exercise, delegates will be aware of the key steps in the decision making process.

The key skills required to manage employees and being aware of the mix of styles needed is what this course is all about.

This course covers: 

  • Communication
  • Management and leadership
  • Motivation
  • Management styles
  • Teams and their styles
  • Prioritising, planning and time management
  • Goal setting and coaching
  • Decision making
  • Delegation

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