Implementing short service dismissals.                                                                                                                                                                       

This course provides you with the information needed to be able to implement short service dismissals and save your business significant management time and further issues. An employee with less than two years of service (one in NI), a short service dismissal process can be used to quickly exit an employee who is under performing or misbehaving. Caveats do apply to this process including commercial and legal risks, managers need to be aware of these risks as well as knowing how to carry out short term dismissals fairly.

How to implement short service dismissals is what this course is all about. 

This course covers: 

  • What has already happened?
  • The legal implications
  • The process
  • Gross misconduct
  • Employees ‘upsetting the process’
  • Representation
  • Contractual payments
  • Dismissals: short service
  • Appeals

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