“I can’t help being ill” – Bit that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t manage attendance at work

Absence is a major frustration for all employers of all sizes and sectors and yes, people become unwell. It happens, but managing attendance is not about punishing people for
being ill.

It’s about being proactive in addressing attendance issues head on and setting up a framework of expectations that enable employees to understand what their employer expects of them in terms of attendance and the implications of not achieving those standards.

This workshop covers attendance management, both frequent short term and long-term absences linking into a potentially fair dismissal for both conduct and capability.

We explore the challenges of ‘stress’ being a factor in some cases, as well as giving you practical tools to use to effectively manage attendance in the workplace.

This course covers:

  • Frustrations and notification process
  • Certification and return to work interviews
  • Addressing excessive short-term absences and patterns
  • Attendance reviews and formal action
  • Adjustments and alternatives supporting disability at work

This course is typically a half day course (4 hours) 

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