The impact of the pandemic will be felt by everyone for many years to come – including in the world of work. Many businesses, large and small, are being faced with making decisions about letting people go. This is always tough, but any redundancy programme can also be an opportunity for businesses to provide help and support to employees that are affected.

Outplacement programmes are provided to employees that are facing the prospect of redundancy and can be an extremely valuable source of information and guidance. These programmes aim to help individuals move forward and carefully consider what they want to do next. Anything is possible at this stage, but those affected will typically look for a similar role, a return to education, an industry change, a complete career change, or upskilling. With this in mind, the programme supports individuals in re-orienting themselves in the job market, or focussing their attention on whatever else they decide to do.

Outplacement support helps employees to prepare for what is ahead. It is an opportunity for employees to learn about the latest market trends, and what they need to do to maximise their next steps.

At AHR Consultants, our outplacement support programme provides three workshops, 90 minutes each, focussing on the following key areas:

CV Writing

  • Understanding the purpose and value of a good CV
  • Preparing a CV
  • Refreshing an existing CV

Job Hunting

  • Knowing where to look for opportunities
  • Latest trends in recruitment and where organisations find prospective employees

Interview Preparation

  • Types of interviews and what to expect
  • How to prepare and practice
  • Learning about the company you have applied to

In addition to the workshops, employees can attend individual coaching sessions with one of our consultants. These sessions can be key for an employee to get personal guidance on their own CV, what they are planning to do next, and the steps they should take. By providing motivation and useful resources, it is the coach’s ultimate goal to help the individual move forward.

Research shows that employees who receive outplacement support resettle into new careers faster than those who have not been provided with it. Using outplacement services from a partner organisation gives you, the employer, the resources to offer this service to your employees efficiently and effectively. You can also enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that a team of specialists are working to secure the best future for your people.

If your business is facing a difficult period in which outplacement support could be beneficial, we are here to help. For more information on our outplacement services or to discuss pricing, call us on 0345 076 2288 or send us an email.