A third of employers failing to review

The study undertook by Total Jobs saw them speak with 4,700 employees and 145 employers. 

The study found that fifty eight percent of employers do not yet have information regarding salaries across roles and genders.

The study disclosed that thirty two percent of organi​sations in an effort to safeguard against pay discrimination do not review salaries across genders and eighty two percent have not reviewed their gender equality pay policy.

Whilst these findings are upsetting for any advocate of gender pay reporting, the findings are not at all surprising. Because the task of gender pay reporting is a large and time consuming activity, many employers will put it off until it is imperative that they do so.

The clock is ticking and for employers to be ready to publish in April 2018 they will need to start preparing sooner and not later.

Key Figures from the Study

  • Over half of the 145 employers asked were not aware they needed to publish anything
  • 58% of employers said the information was not available on request
  • Over half do not coach their management on equal pay and gender equality
  • 82% of employers have not reviewed their policies in line with new regulations
  • 31% of women are unsure how salary decisions were made within their company
  • 25% of woman are unsure if their employer pays fairly
  • 16% of women unsure if their pay is unfair in regards to their role
  • 23% of woman believe men are paid more for carrying out the same job
  • Taking parental leave has been deemed a ‘career killer’ by 1 in 10 women who point this absence to missing promotion or pay rise
  • A women’s salary expectation is on average nearly £7,000 lower per annum than a mans
  • Women typically expect a pay rise of £3,241 on average compared to £4,107 for men
  • 36% of British workers are disappointed with their current salary
  • 58% of employees say they fall short financially in their current role
  • Men received an average of £2,059 in bonuses compared to £1,128 for women
  • 37% of women lack confidence to ask for more money
  • 30% of women do not want to damage their relationship with their manager
  • 28% say it is not part of the company’s culture to request a pay rise
  • 25% simply do like to talk about money
  • 20% of employers cannot be sure that salaries are equal

The figures shown above are the main figures that jumped out to us when reading the report.

Our team of experienced HR consultants can help employers ensure that they are ready to publish in April 2018. Not only that, we can also help ensure HR Manager and HR Teams are trained on the subject of Gender Pay Gap. Within the report it was mentioned that some employers management teams did not know how to approach the subject of gender pay or equality and discrimination.

It is scenario’s like this, where a large change is coming into place, that AHR Consultants can be useful. We can train your managers on equality and guide you through the process of Gender Pay Reporting.

Not only this but we can help you create a bonus plan that is fair and equal to all your employees.

Times are changing and with it the worth of an employee. The regulations and policies being put in place are to ensure that everyone is working to an even keel and employees as well as employers understand their worth.

Call AHR Consultants on 0345 076 2288 or email marketing@ahrconsultants.co.uk to speak with us about gender pay reporting, training your managers or for any other HR issues.

Acknowledgements: Total Jobs on their comprehensive survey. This survey has been made accessible via the link below. The team at AHR Consultants would recommend this to all employers and employees who would like to understand what their peers and employees may be thinking/feeling.  https://www.totaljobs.com/insidejob/gender-pay-gap-2016/ ​​