Are you a manager?

Management = Power by position 

Leadership = Power by influence

A manager should achieve results through the efforts of others and should demonstrate characteristics which inspire the people who are working for them with positive behaviours and personal energy. It is a manager’s duty to maintain the right atmosphere and to execute motivational strategies.

The qualities of a good leader include: 

Strong personality

Goal directed

Understands the business

Excellent communication skills


Calm under pressure

Makes sound decisions

Good motivator

Knows their team


Forms relationships well

Concern for others

Loyal and trustworthy

Good organisational skills


Able performer

We offer Management Essentials training.

This course is all about management vs leadership, and the qualities of a good leader. Course content includes: communication, motivation, management styles, teams and their styles, prioritising, planning and time management, goal setting and coaching, decision making, and delegation.

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