AHR Consultants were approached to provide an update on employment law for line managers at Wettons, however after scoping out the work environment and the issues that the managers dealt with on a daily basis we recommended a course on investigations using, with their permission, a recent incident within the business.

I found the case study scenario particularly useful in understanding the importance of establishing the facts of the case and conducting a thorough and objective investigation process. 

This case gave me an insight into how an incident can at first be perceived as very serious but following the investigation process it very quickly transpired not to be the case. 

Wettons Employee 

Had this case been escalated to a full disciplinary process the likely outcome, (dismissal), would have been challenged causing more work for the management team and sending out a negative message to our colleagues that the business got it wrong.

This real work incident provided a case study to take the delegates through, with deliberate points to pause at for discussion and reflection, as it was a case with lots of twists and turns every time more information was gathered, resulting in no further action against the employee when the initial call from the manager presented the situation as a potential gross misconduct offence.

The bespoke course AHR Consultants designed for us based on a ‘true life case’ allowed our managers to feel part of the scenario having dealt with similar incidents in their working environments. 

It has encouraged them to drill into the ‘what, why, when and how’ of an incident and an understanding that the investigation stage must be thorough and watertight, they are after all the decision maker in the event formal action is required. 

Our managers have embraced the skills afforded them from the bespoke training course and this is showing in their management of all HR matters they encounter in the management of our colleagues.

Jacqui Lewis, HR Manager, Wettons

Many businesses and managers cannot identify training needs within their teams as they are so close to the team and the business. AHR Consultants are able to make informed recommendations to business who feel that their managers need training.

With Wettons we were able to put together a bespoke comprehensive course that was relevant to their business and engaging.

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