For continued success and reputational advantage, it is crucial that senior leaders understand the importance of good health and safety practice. By enhancing their knowledge in this area, leaders can kickstart its integration into business management systems, developing a productive and risk-averse culture in the process.

As the most efficient and effective of its kind, this course allows those in senior roles to learn the true value of health and safety in just one day. By encouraging a strategic approach in a unique business-first context, we strive to improve performance and help shape the long-term vision of your organisation.

The delivery of this course is supported by an interactive mobile app, which provides us with valuable information to ensure that content remains relevant to your situation. Consequently, delegates are able to benchmark their priorities against global models of health and safety.

This course is IOSH accredited.

Learning outcomes

  • Sharpen your skill-set and make you a more effective leader
  • Understand what constitutes good health and safety practice, with real-life case studies from around the world
  • Benchmark your organisation’s health and safety performance against other successful companies
  • Shape your organisation’s long-term strategy and vision for health and safety
  • Identify the steps required to achieve your health and safety ambitions

Who will benefit?

  • Senior managers and leaders
  • Directors and board members
  • Experienced managers,  leaders, directors and board members in need of a refresher
  • Anyone who holds senior leadership responsibilities within an organisation
  • Businesses looking to maximise their long-term competitive advantage

Course content

  • What health and safety means for different leadership roles
  • The responsibilities and behaviours of a leader
  • What effective health and safety leadership looks like
  • How to get things right
  • How leaders can make improvements
  • The benefits of effective health and safety leadership

Dates and location

Due to the nature of this course it is most effective when delivered in-house. Contact us for more information.

Course fees

In-house training costs on application.

How to book

Call 0345 076 2288 or email marketing@ahrconsultants.co.uk. View the terms and conditions.