By nature, all places of work will present unique risks to the individuals operating within them. Whilst the degree of severity attached to these risks can vary significantly, it is a legal requirement for all UK employers to complete a suitable and sufficient risk assessment. Although most businesses will have an existing risk assessment in place, this does not guarantee that they are compliant.

Our course aims to give delegates a thorough understanding of the elements involved in assessing risk, with bespoke guidance on how to apply this within their own place of work. When developing this understanding, we outline the direct legal and physical implications of an improper assessment, allowing individuals to recognise the value of an accurate approach. Upon completion of training, delegates can expect to be confident in their ability to produce a risk assessment that ticks all boxes for compliance.

To ensure maximum engagement, this course includes interactive group exercises that can be tailored to the specific circumstances of an organisation. These exercises are supported by theoretical models that are ready for use in the workplace, covering processes such as hazard identification and risk evaluation.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the steps involved in completing a suitable and sufficient risk assessment
  • Develop knowledge of the laws surrounding risk assessments and why they are essential
  • Be aware of the best techniques for ensuring accuracy when assessing risk
  • Be confident with risk assessment documentation
  • Be able to produce evidence of a compliant risk assessment for a specific organisation

Who will benefit?

  • Line managers and team leaders
  • Supervisors and those with responsibility for the safety of employees

Course content

  • How to complete a suitable and sufficient risk assessment
  • The legal requirement for assessing risk
  • The implications of an improper risk assessment
  • Best practice for an accurate and consistent approach to assessing risk
  • Risk assessment documentation

Dates and location

Due to the nature of this course it is most effective when delivered in-house. Contact us for more information.

Course fees

In-house training costs on application.

How to book

Call 0345 076 2288 or email marketing@ahrconsultants.co.uk. View the terms and conditions.