This course is presented live so it is a virtual classroom, rather than simply a webinar or clicking through online content. During the course you will be able to ask questions and contribute to the session. This encourages individual participation and enhances your learning experience.

Learning outcomes

  • Be able to recognise when you need to undertake investigations in the workplace
  • Understand how to scope out an investigation
  • The basics of interviewing witnesses
  • Understand when to invoke paid suspension of employees subject to investigation
  • Know how to approach anonymous evidence
  • Be able to present your findings in an appropriate format
  • Know the importance of undertaking a fair and compliant disciplinary procedure
  • Know what a fair disciplinary procedure is, what your company policy should be, and what your employees’ rights are under it
  • Understand the risks and issues associated with formal disciplinary procedures
  • Know how to conduct the disciplinary hearing
  • Be able to make fair decisions when deciding what the outcome to a formal disciplinary hearing should be and the range of options available
  • Know what constitutes a grievance, and what does not
  • Understand the value of early informal resolution of disputes
  • Know your responsibilities as a line manager/grievance chairperson
  • Understand the formal grievance procedure

Who will benefit?

  • First line managers and team leaders
  • Newly appointed people managers
  • Experienced managers in need of a refresher
  • Company investigators, H&S representatives, and anyone who may undertake investigations at work
  • Grievance and appeal chairpersons

Course content

  • Principles of fair and thorough investigations
  • Suspension?
  • Selecting the investigator, and their essential skills
  • Basic principles relating to evidence, timescales and witnesses
  • Conduct vs capability
  • The manager’s and chairperson’s responsibilities
  • Risks/issues and dealing with them effectively
  • Informal/formal procedure
  • The hearing, stages and outcomes
  • What is gross misconduct
  • Short service procedure
  • What is a grievance?
  • Informal and formal, including grievances in resignations
  • Chairperson skills and tips for successful meetings
  • Further investigations, outcomes and appeals 

Course duration

This course is split into three sessions of 90 minutes per session.

It will be presented live by one of our experienced HR Consultants so you will be able to ask questions and receive instant feedback. This is a virtual classroom where interaction is encouraged.

Course fees

The course fee is £175+ VAT per delegate, subject to a minimum of 5 delegates attending. This total fee includes all three sessions.

How to book

Please complete the form below, call 0345 076 2288 or email View the terms and conditions.