This course will enable you to understand the risks and issues regarding home working, how to address them and manage your people effectively in a remote working environment.

It will be presented live so it is a virtual classroom, rather than simply a webinar or clicking through online content. During the course you will be able to ask questions and contribute to the session. This encourages individual participation and enhances your learning experience.

In addition to attending the course, you will also receive a Home Working and Remote Management Toolkit worth £49 + VAT which compliments the course and provides template documentation.

Learning outcomes

  • Know how to manage and lead your people in a remote working environment
  • Be aware of, and know how to deal with, the issues and challenges that are heightened in a remote working environment
  • Know how to keep your people engaged and performing well
  • Understand your legal obligations in respect of home workers’ health and safety and wellbeing
  • Be aware of the employer and employee obligations in respect of confidentiality and data protection

Who will benefit?

Anyone who has line management responsibility, from team leaders through to managers, directors and business owners.

Course content

  • Management and leadership
  • Communication and management skills
  • Management of remote teams
  • Challenges and issues
  • Solutions
  • Implementing and managing the change
  • Employee wellbeing and health and safety
  • Confidentiality and data protection

Course duration

This course is split into three sessions of 90 minutes per session.

It will be presented live by one of our experienced HR Consultants so you will be able to ask questions and receive instant feedback. This is a virtual classroom, not simply a webinar or online training course.


Session One – 21 July at 10am
Session Two – 22 July at 10am
Session Three – 23 July at 10am

Course fees

The course fee is £175+ VAT which includes all three sessions and the Home Working and Remote Management Toolkit worth £49.

How to book

Please complete the form below, call 0345 076 2288 or email marketing@ahrconsultants.co.uk. View the terms and conditions.