Employees can sometimes approach you, their manager to ‘have a word’ about issues that they are not entirely happy about, and then ask that you don’t do anything about it.

This can place you in a difficult position, while you want employees to feel they can discuss concerns with you in confidence but as their Manager and depending on the content of that ‘quiet word’ it may be necessary to instigate the grievance procedure.

For example. If an employee raises, in confidence an allegation of bullying against a colleague you should strongly urge the individual to raise a formal complaint, using the grievance procedure so you can formally investigate the matter. You can give assurances that this will be dealt with sensitively and confidentially, but you cannot guarantee that other potential witnesses, as well as the alleged perpetrator won’t be involved.

If the employee is insistent that they don’t want to raise a formal complaint but have shared with you enough information for you to regard he matter as serious, you may need  to conduct an independent investigation to see if you can find any substance to the allegations, and if you find any substance to the claims you may need to take disciplinary action.

You may face the question of grievance when you commence a performance management process.

Some employees object to a formal process and may raise a complaint.  In this case you should seek to establish what the complaint relates to. If it is their dissatisfaction with a disciplinary, performance review or dismissal decision, they should not invoke the grievance procedure but should instead appeal against the decision in accordance with the appeal procedure contained in your Staff Handbook.

How can AHR help? 

If you find yourself faced with issues like these, please call the team here at AHR for advice and support. Our team will help guide you and ensure that you achieve the right outcome for you while ensuring you comply with employment law.

We are also holding an open training course on Grievances in September.  This is a comprehensive CPD accredited course which focuses on establishing the difference between capability and conduct and understanding how to handle grievances through to successful resolution. The course is open to all and costs from £169.00 + VAT per delegate.

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