The theme this year is workplace wellbeing. This means that employees and employers can get involved in supporting themselves, colleges and employees in the workplace.

Mind have released a series of videos to give more information and to also support in workplace wellbeing:

Take a deep breath 

Learning to breathe more deeply can make you feel a lot calmer and increase your sense of wellbeing. Take five minutes to try out this simple breathing exercise. Once you’ve got the hang of it you can use this technique anywhere – at work, at home or on the bus or tube – anytime you feel your stress level rising or need a moment of calm.


One third of fit notes (aka sick notes) in the UK are now for mental health. An investigation across the NHS found that five million employees are signed off worked each year, 31% of which is for mental health.











Business in the Community, published the results of a recent survey that focused on mental health in the workplace. This report highlighted some worrying statistics from the workplace, mainly that 15% faced disciplinary proceedings as a result of speaking to their manager or HR department about their mental health.









What can employers do? 

  • Promote positive mental health in the workplace
  • Learn how to manage staff experiencing metal ill health
  • Help employees dealing with stress in the work place
  • Manage anxiety in the workplace

There is also much more that employers can do, including training their managers to recognise and understand mental health issues.

Please speak with AHR Consultants if you are worried about one of your employees or would like to talk about steps you can make to ensure your business is a supportive and reactive environment for your employees.

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