AHR Consultants, formerly known as Abbey HR, has been a trusted provider of HR, employment law, and safety services to SME businesses in the UK since 2007.

We have consistently evolved and expanded our service offerings, boasting a team of highly qualified consultants over the years.

Our focus on transparency, tailored services, and client satisfaction has led to an impressive client renewal rate of 93%. With many remaining loyal for over a decade.

No hidden fees or small print, just services you require.

Key Highlights:

Client Satisfaction and Longevity – AHR Consultants has maintained strong relationships with it’s clients, with a remarkable 93% annual renewal rate. Many have stayed with the company for 10 years or more, highlighting the value and trust they place in the services we provide.

Reduced Employment Disputes – Clients have reported a reduction in employment disputes, indicating the company’s expertise in HR and employment law matters.

Experienced Consultants -The company’s consultants possess a wealth of knowledge, collectively amassing over 100 years of experience in the field.

Integrated Teamwork – AHR Consultants is committed to working closely with it’s clients and we are often regarded as an integral part of their teams.

Tailored Services and Budget-Friendly Approach – The company’s services are designed around the unique requirements and budget of each client. We ensure a customised and cost-effective solution every time.

Diverse Sector Coverage – AHR Consultants’ expertise spans across various sectors and business, providing comprehensive HR, employment law, and safety support.

Leadership and Personal Development Training – AHR Consultants offers training programs aimed at enhancing leadership skills and personal development. We provide valuable resources for clients’ professional growth.

Health and Safety Services – The company offers IOSH approved health and safety training. These cater to directors and managers across different industries to ensure compliance and peace of mind.

Historical Milestones:

2007 AHR Consultants, then known as Abbey HR Services, was established as a division of Abbey Tax and Consultancy Services Limited (ATCS). Pioneering on of the first online document repository services.

2008 – 2015 The company refined its services, expanded its team, and solidified its brand while achieving high client renewal rates.

2016 AHR Consultants launched a leadership development training program focused on empowering managers to handle everyday people issues effectively.

2017 The company underwent a successful management buyout and rebranding, becoming AHR Consultants, an independent team dedicated to serving clients.

2019 AHR Consultants introduced health and safety services under the leadership of Director Laurence Begley, emphasizing compliance across business sectors.

2020 – 2021 Amidst the challenges of the lockdown, AHR Consultants continued to provide essential services, including fire risk assessments, and became an approved health and safety partner for Howden Insurance Group.

2022 The company expanded its support with tailored solutions, reinstated in-person and online training, and achieved an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 68.

Future Outlook:

We are committed to maintaining its reputation for high-quality services while continually evolving to meet the changing needs of clients. The company’s history serves as a foundation for future growth, with a focus on delivering value and fostering long-lasting relationships.

We thank our clients for their ongoing support and look forward to collaborating together for the next decade and beyond.