We can deliver any of our training courses at your premises on a date and time chosen by you. When there are multiple delegates that require training, it can be more cost effective for us to come to you.

Whilst we offer a core set of courses for leadership skills, personal development, and safety training; we like to ensure that these are specifically tailored to meet your requirements. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, we will make it our priority to develop a course that is right for you.

Benefits of in-house training: 

  • Cost effective saving employee travel and subsistence
  • Courses can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements
  • More convenient with flexible dates to suit your needs
  • Increases internal communication and encourages team building

All in-house training costs are available on application.

To enquire about in house training and costs, complete the form below or call 0345 076 2288.

What are the benefits of In House Training?

In house training provides huge benefits for a business and its employees. Put simply, the business is able to retain a more skilful group of employees, who themselves will be happier knowing that they are developing their career.

Other benefits include:

  • Cost-effective saving the employees and business expenses
  • Courses can be tailored to your organisations requirements
  • More convenient with flexible dates to suit your schedule
  • Increases internal communication and encourages team building
  • In house training gives real-life examples, improving the learning experience for your organisation

Why should businesses use an In House Training provider?

If you have multiple employees that require training, in house courses are considerably cheaper than attending open courses. The business will be paying the training fees only and not for travel to an event, accommodation, and any other associated expenses.

When training is delivered on your premises, it also becomes easier for specific skills to be developed for your business, with a physical presence in the working environment providing valuable context.

Our In House Training courses

As leading providers of in house training, we adopt a flexible approach that accommodates the content, date, and time requirements of individual organisations. Our courses cover leadership skills, personal development, and health and safety, with each one designed to give your managers and employees the tools to work effectively and safely.

Take a look at our courses below:

Leadership Skills

Develop your current and future leaders with our CPD-inspired courses for leadership development. This includes Managing Equality and Discrimination, Attendance Management, Managing Disciplinary Procedures, and many more.

By engaging in leadership development training, your managers and supervisors will be encouraged to adopt a strategic approach to people management. This will give them the skills and knowledge to drive positive change.

Check out our full range of leadership skills courses here.

Personal Development

Personal development is essential to improve morale, engagement, and productivity in your organisation. Allowing employees to develop in their career, and personally, will have a significant impact upon their overall contribution towards their role.

Our courses for this area include Assertiveness and Influencing, Team Development and Motivation, Delivering Excellent Customer Service, and many more.

Check out our full range of personal development courses here.

Health and Safety

Appropriate health and safety training in the workplace is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety Act 1974. If you fail to fulfil this requirement, you are immediately exposing your employees to the risk of accidents and injuries. This can lead to expensive fines for your organisation.

We have an extensive portfolio of health and safety courses that can be tailored to your business. This includes key compliance areas such as Fire Safety, Manual Handling, Risk Assessments, and many more.

Check out our range of health and safety courses here.

For more information on any of the in house training courses above, contact us on 0345 076 2288 or send us an email.