Our practical and professional consultancy services can support any HR activity.

HR issues by their very nature are often unforeseen and a successful outcome is determined by how quickly and professionally they are handled. Professional on-site support is available from our team of consultants who have years of practical, hands-on HR consultancy experience.

Rather than being prescriptive, our team ethos is to work closely with our clients to identify the problems they face. We aim to provide a range of solutions which are related to risk factors, commercial pressures and cultural values of the organisation. We believe this approach allows us to develop long-term relationships with our clients and sets us apart from our competitors.

Working alongside your business we deliver tailored HR solutions to meet your needs where additional support is needed.

Our consultancy team ensures:

  • A professional approach through our investment in highly qualified and experienced people
  • A commitment to working closely with you and to add value to your business
  • Qualified legal advice delivered in a pragmatic and commercial manner
  • We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it
  • We are open and honest in all our dealings with you
  • A client centred approach that delivers excellent retention rates

A small number of examples of projects undertaken by our consultants include:

  • On-site investigation and support with disciplinary, grievance and performance management issues
  • HR Due diligence, and dealing with the HR implications of acquisitions and disposals regulated by TUPE regulations
  • Management of redundancy programmes, including collective consultations
  • Development and delivery of bespoke training programmes
  • HR audits
  • Senior Managers and Directors settlement agreements

As far as possible, projects will normally be the subject of a written proposal which defined the brief and identifies the costs. 

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Professional HR solutions tailored to your business needs

HR (human resources) is a term used to describe the management of employees in a business. This includes hiring, supporting, and developing individuals, whilst also promoting safety in the workplace. In today’s world, HR is more than just hiring and firing, with the focus also being on developing a positive business culture and improving employee wellness.

As your business grows, it can be easy to overlook or underestimate your HR responsibilities. Many owners and managers often narrow their focus on continuing growth and supporting clients, meaning employee management receives considerably less attention. This increases the potential of facing an expensive dispute or employment tribunal claim, with both having a detrimental impact on employee satisfaction and company reputation.

Understanding HR legal issues

HR compliance involves ensuring that your policies, procedures, and documentation are all in accordance with employment law. This covers the hiring, training, and development of your people, as well as work safety, pay, and employee benefits.

Employment law also serves to offer protection against all cases of discriminatory practice and harassment. For these reasons, HR legal compliance should be treated as a high priority and organisations must implement procedures which offer protection for themselves and their employees.

By not complying with employment law, you are significantly increasing the risk of your business facing an employment tribunal claim, incurring expensive costs for legal representation and potential compensatory awards. Alongside the monetary loss, company reputation is also likely to be damaged, which can be irreparable in some cases.

To avoid these issues, it is crucial that you remain updated on the ever-changing landscape of employment law. This is where having access to a HR consultant can help, offering protection to your business and removing the worry of HR legal compliance.

What are the main responsibilities of HR?

Hiring and onboarding employees

Finding and hiring the right people for your business is a difficult, time consuming, and expensive process, which can have an adverse effect on business performance if handled incorrectly. With the help of an expert HR consultant, you can get easy access to talented candidates and assess their suitability for the job effectively.

Once a candidate is hired, the onboarding process should be followed professionally in order to help people adapt quickly and happily. This can also be achieved by implementing guidance from an expert HR consultant.

Training and performance management

The training and performance management of employees is a major responsibility of HR, which can be fulfilled with professional HR consulting services. Identifying and addressing any gaps in the skillsets of employees helps to ensure the continuous success of the business. This is because an investment in your employees is likely to encourage them to perform better, improve job satisfaction, and lead to better staff retention.

Building a positive business culture

A positive business culture not only looks great for your brand, but it keeps employees happy and engaged. This in turn increases employee retention, ensuring that you have the best people available to take your business forward. With the help of an expert HR consultant, you can successfully build, develop, and reinforce a positive culture for your company.

Maintain communications

When a business grows, the increase in workload for employees and managers can often mean that communication breaks down. Without effective communication, it is likely that the performance of your business will suffer. With the help of a human resource consultant, you can ensure that lines of communication remain open and collective performance is not jeopardised.

Ensuring legal compliance

HR consulting firms have an in-depth understanding of employment law and what is required of a business to stay compliant. In the event of an employment tribunal claim or employee dispute, an expert HR consultant can save you significant amounts of time and money as they help you to manage the situation.

AHR Consultants offer leading HR Consultancy Services

We are vastly experienced in delivering professional, independent, and tailored HR consulting services to businesses in all sectors, and of all sizes.

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