A compliant and up to date fire risk assessment is essential to ensure that your employees, or anyone who uses your building, are kept safe from the dangers of fire. This could include service users, contractors, visitors, and more. It should also be remembered that completing this assessment is a legal requirement under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

We appreciate that maintaining fire safety can be challenging for managers and directors, which is why our experienced H&S Consultants are dedicated to helping them manage it.

Whether you currently enjoy the benefits of our HR and H&S Retainer Packages, or are simply looking to conduct a one-off fire risk assessment for your organisation, we can help you to attain peace of mind in this critical area.

What does our Fire Risk Assessment Service include?

Creating or reviewing a fire risk assessment with AHR Consultants begins with an on-site visit from one of our experienced Fire Safety Consultants. During this visit, we will complete a full assessment of the fire safety risks within your workplace, factoring in any considerations that are unique to your organisation or sector.

All stages of this assessment are recorded in writing, providing you with a list of fire hazards, those at risk and a prioritized action plan.

Using our findings from this assessment, we will make recommendations for how to manage these risks, offering comprehensive protection against the dangers of fire. This could include the recommendation of a bespoke fire safety training course for your organisation.

Once we have assisted you in creating a safer working environment, you will receive our continued support with reminders of when your fire risk assessment is due for review. We can then advise you where necessary on any changes in guidance.

Do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

As outlined on the UK government website, employers could receive unlimited fines or up to two years in prison for failing to adhere to fire safety regulations.

Having a compliant and up to date fire risk assessment plays an essential role in following these regulations, which is why our team are dedicated to providing them within organisations.

As mentioned above, our fire risk assessment service can be included within our HR and H&S Retainer Packages, which further reiterates their importance to every type of organisation. We can also help you to create a fire risk assessment, or review an existing one, as part of a standalone service.

Why choose AHR Consultants for Fire Risk Support?

Since 2007, we have established a highly experienced team of HR and H&S Consultants, who work tirelessly to provide comprehensive support and training to organisations across the UK.

During this time, our expertise has allowed us to develop a service offering which specialises in delivering peace of mind to managers and directors.

Our health and safety team have supported organisations of all types and sizes, from offices and factories to care homes and schools. This broad range of experience gives us a distinct advantage over other providers, allowing us to deliver a truly bespoke service to every one of our clients.

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